• Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    Deep clean carpets easier than ever before!

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  • Carpet and Fabric Stains

    Carpet and Fabric Stains

    Remove those tough stains from fabrics and carpets!

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  • Clean Window Frames

    Clean window frames

    The window frame should also not be neglected when cleaning the window. Because just like the pane, they are completely exposed to different environmental influences. Stubborn dirt can form, particularly in the frame. In addition, rust can easily develop because the nutritive substances provide the ideal conditions for this. Chemical cleaners or bleaches containing chlorine can attack the sensitive seals on the windows and make the surfaces porous. With the Thermostar dry steam cleaner, you can remove heavy contaminants quickly and easily without special cleaners.

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  • Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures and Removing Calcium

    Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures And Removing Calcium

    How to clean bathroom fixtures and remove calcium using your Thermostar.

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  • Cleaning Your Oven

    Cleaning your oven

    An unpleasant chore becomes child's play! Cleaning your oven...
    As much fun as it is cooking, baking and roasting in your oven, the more annoying it is to remove the baked-on food residues. This often means tedious scrubbing, which can cause permanent scratches in the interior and on the baking tray. In addition, even light stains burn themselves into the surfaces of the oven due to the heat and leaves unsightly stains that are difficult to remove. In many cases, stubborn dirt remains in the material despite intensive cleaning.

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